Welcome to Department of Textile Science & Technology Motto: 'We Clothe the World'

Adequacy of Staff with respect to world standards:
With NUC staff/student ratio of 1:20, Textile Science and Technology Department presently has inadequate academic and non-academic staff with respect to world standard. There are presently in 2015/16 session 20 academic staff, 11 Technical Staff and 9 Administrative staff in the department. The list of Academic Staff, Technical Staff, and Administrative staff and their qualifications, Ranks and Specializations are presented below

Department of Textile Science and Technology Comprehensive Staff List

S/N Staff Name Qualification Rank Specialization
1 Dr. Abu S. Lawal BSc., MSc. PhD (ABU) Reader/H.O.D Spinning/ yarn Technology
2 Dr. Abdullahi Danladi B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD (ABU) Reader Polymer Technology/composites
3 Prof. P.O. Nkeonye FTI, MSc. PhD (Leeds) Professor Colour Chemistry/chemical processing
4 Prof. K.A. Bello ATI, M.Sc. PhD (Leeds) Professor Colour Chemistry/chemical processing
5 Prof. A.R. B. Ibrahim ATI, M.Sc. (Strathclyde), PhD (ABU) Professor Spinning and yarn technology
6 Prof. O.K. Sunmonu ATI, M.Sc. (Strathclyde), PhD (Leeds) Professor Polymer Technology/Fibre Science/ Composite
7 Prof. U. S. Ishiaku B.Ed. (Ibadan), MSc.(Manchester), PhD (Malaysia) Professor Polymer Technology/Composite
8 Prof. M.K. Yakubu BSc. MSc. PhD (ABU) Professor Chemical processing/Composite
9 Dr. B. M. Dauda BSc. (ABU), MSc. (Leeds), PhD (Manchester) Senior lecturer Textile Engineering/Composite
10 Dr. A. Giwa BSc., MSc. PhD (ABU) Reader Colour chemistry/Chemical processing
11 Dr. A. A. Kogo BSc., MSc. (BUK),PhD (ABU) Reader Polymer Technology/composite
12 Dr. M. M. Bukhari BSc., MSc. PhD (ABU) Lecturer I Chemical processing/Composite
13 Dr. R. H. Saliu BSc., MSc. PhD (ABU) Lecturer I Chemical processing/Composite
14 Mr. E. B. Iliya Bsc. (ABU), Msc. (Leeds), PhD (ABU) Senior Lecturer Non-wovens/ Composite
15 Mr. M. M. Bamalli BSc., MSc. (ABU) Lecturer I Colour chemistry
16 Mr. U.S. Ameuru BSc., MSc. (ABU) Lecturer II Colour chemistry
17 Mr. S. Abdullahi BSc., MSc. (ABU) Lecturer II Colour chemistry
18 Mr. E.O. Achukwu BSc., MSc. (ABU) Lecturer II Polymer Technology/Composite
19 Mr. M. A. Baba BSc., MSc. (ABU) Lecturer II Colour chemistry
20 Mallama H.I. Umar BSc., MSc. (ABU) Lecturer II Colour chemistry
S/N Staff Name Qualification/Date Rank
1 Mr. Samuel Okeji ALSCT & ANIST 1988 Chief Technologist
2 Mr. M. S. Kutigi OND (1984), HND (2003) Assistant Chief Tech
3 Mr. A. Omata OND 1981, NISLT 2001 Higher Technical Officer
4 Mr. Paul Noah HND 2008 Senior Technical Officer
5 Mal. Nuhu Lawal HND 2006, PGD 2010 Technologist I
6 Mal. Audu Baba Higher Technical Officer
7 Mal. Giwa Akeem Technical Officer
8 Mal. Dauda Abdulwasiu B.Sc (2009), PGD 2012. Technologist I
9 Mal. Badamasi Mohammad B.Sc (2005), PGD 2011. Technologist I
10 Mal. Idris Salihu HND 2012 Technologist I
11 Mal. Audu Chonoko NISLT 2010 Senior Tech. Asst.
S/N Name Qualification Rank
1 Mrs. Evelyn Dickson Computer Cert. 1994 Senior Confidential Secretary
2 Mal. Saidu Hayatu Senior Clerical Administration Cert. 1994, Chief clerical Officer
3 Mal. Ahmad Korau IACC 2002, DLS 2008 Library Officer
4 Mal. Sani Momoh FSL 1971, Trade Test III 1984, Trade Test II 1997, Trade Test I 1998. Senior foreman
5 Mal. Suleiman Musa OND 2006, BSc 2011 library Officer
6 Mal. Sani A. Idris Chief Secretarial Assistant
7 Mal. Audu Dari Mass Literacy, 1993 Senior Caretaker
8 Mrs. Asabe Mohammad NECO 2013 Senior Caretaker
9 Mrs. Charity Audu Baba Library assistant
9 Mal. Adamu Gali NECO 2006 Office Assistant
9 Mal. Salisu Lawal Assistant Store Officer