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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programs


To train highly qualified personnel in the various aspects of textile science and technology, colour science and technology and textile chemistry that will staff the country’s universities, research institutes and industries.

Admission Requirements:

Candidate for admission into any of the underlisted programs must possess:
MSc in textile science and technology, textile chemistry, textile physics, textile evaluation, textile engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, physics and other such related disciplines that the postgraduate study committee of the department would consider acceptable.

Graduation Requirements:

The PhD degree is normally by research and dissertation only. However a candidate may be required to take MSc course work if in the opinion of the department it will improve the candidate’s background. Candidates are also required to present seminar papers yearly during the programme.


3 years minimum (6 semesters) – 4 years (8 semesters) Full time
4 years minimum (8 semesters) – 5years (10 semesters) Part time
Extension beyond the specified maximum periods requires a special permission of the senate. Course Work

TEXT 911: ICT and Research Methodology ( 4 Credit Units):

The use of search engines for literature and documentation, spread sheet and Microsoft word software for the writing of projects and thesis. Explanation of ABU Postgraduate school guidelines for the writing of thesis and dissertation, referencing methods, APA, Oxford and Harvard styles, introduction to statistical packages and presentation of research report, writing of a competitive proposal for research funding.

(1)PhD (Colour Chemistry and Technology)

Areas of Research:
 Design and synthesis of dyes and pigments
 Fixation and fastness characterization of dyes on polymeric materials
 Effects of dye assistants on the exhaustion and dyeing rates
 Dyeing of natural and synthetic fibres
 Kinetics and thermodynamics of dyeing
 Development of noncarcinogenic dyes and intermediates
 Synthesis and characterization of polymeric dyes

(2)PhD (Textile Chemistry)

 Effect of chemical modification of natural and synthetic fibres on structure and adsorption of liquid media
 Development of new processes in textile wet processing
 Development of eco-friendly wet processing of textiles
 Energy savings and recyclability in wet processing of textiles
 Development of effective, durable and eco-friendly flame retardant formulations for fibre and polymer substrate.

(3)PhD (Textile Evaluation)

 Effect of finishing treatments on fabric handle
 Evaluation of crease recovery properties of textile materials
 Effect of chemical treatments on the mechanical properties of textile materials
 Examination of frictional properties of textile materials

(4)PhD (Fibre Science and Polymer Technology)

 Supramolecular structure of fibrs and polymers
 Natural macromolecular compounds
 Multiphase polymer systems
 Polymer blends
 Polymer-additive systems
 Composites
 Liquid crystalline polymers
 Physical and mechanical properties of single synthetic fibres, bicomponent fibres and blends
 Structure/properties relations in high tenacity, high modulus synthetic fibres
 Physico-mechanical properties of textile engineering composites

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