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TEXT201: Physical Processing of Textiles: (2 Credit Units)

Textile fibres; classification, description and formation. Introduction to spinning – blow room machines, blending, carding, drafting and draft systems, draw frame machinery, speed frame, ring spinning, OE spinning, winding, sizing, warping, drawing-in, twisting and knitting. Primary and secondary loom motions, shedding mechanisms, weft insertion systems. Introduction to fabric structure and analysis, introductory textile testing, non-wovens, introduction to knitting technology.

TEXT202: Chemical Processing of Textiles (2 Credit Units)

Basic concept of sizing, desizing, scouring, bleaching and mercerization. Differences between dyeing and printing. Definition of dyes, chromophores, auxochromes, dye classification and different methods of finishing.

TEXT203: Process Technology I (1 Credit Unit)

Introduction (the process technology function, bench scale to industrial scale); units and dimensions, temperature; pressure; the chemical equation and stoichiometry, (limiting reactant, excess reactant, degree of completion); material balances; industrial safety (hazardous chemicals/dyes, safety precautions).

TEXT292: SWEP (2 Credit Units)

This consists of both basic SWEP in the Faculty of Engineering and advanced SWEP in the Department. The assessment is based on examinations in both the Basic and advanced SWEP in the Faculty of Engineering and the Department respectively at the end of the SWEP program.

TEXT204: Industrial Organization and Management (2 Credit Units)

Definition of basic terms, need for management, uses and types of organization, basic functions of managers, leadership styles, delegation, communication, motivation, human relations, industrial safety.
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